Kristin Staroba, MSW / LCSW-C      

Each of us arrives at a moment when we need help. Relationships, work, health, family, money, dreams for the future or pain from the past—all impact our self-image, mood, and energy.

Maybe now you’ve hit a bump in the road. Perhaps past events and feelings are getting in your way. Or you feel ready to make some changes.

Working together, our focus is simple but challenging: Identify what you want and need, and figure out how to get there. Psychotherapy provides a route and a map.

As a therapist, I join practiced clinical skills with empathic warmth. I see therapy as a process in which we learn from the past so you can make more satisfying choices now—creating a fulfilling future.

To schedule an initial consultation, please call 301.951.3939. My office is in downtown Bethesda, Maryland, accessible from the Washington, DC, metro area.