In individual psychotherapy, we meet once or twice a week, beginning with a consultation to assure we are a good match. Individual work is the place to start in treating trauma, loss, depression, anxiety, career concerns, relationship problems, and a host of other issues our lives may present.


Couples therapy brings you and your spouse/partner/family member in together to speak your piece, learn to hear the other, develop skills to communicate and compromise, and work in collaboration toward an easier relationship. It can feel scary to say out loud what needs to be said—my presence as an unbiased witness and guide helps keep everyone safe.


In group, my co-therapist and I meet weekly with members. Group is a powerful setting in which to learn about how others experience you, how you let yourself become known, how to be genuinely present and connected, and how our relationships can buoy or bury us. Typically, people start in individual and add or switch to group after several months.


I provide individual and group supervision to new and licensed clinicians. I am a certified Maryland supervisor for clinical social workers.